Monday, March 1, 2010

Day Ten - Evil Urges

Evil Urges - My Morning Jacket

My girlfriend's apartment is farther away from my gym then my apartment is. Geographically, this is a lie.

My girlfriend lives in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and I live on the outskirts of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. She lives closer, this indisputable. A New York morning commute, however, is it's own reality, and doesn't give a shit about something as insignificant as geography. It doesn't matter that the physical distance between my door and the door at the Theater District New York Sports Club is almost six miles and the distance from my girlfriend's door is less than half that; because of the constant stream of New Yorkers trying to force themselves onto the 6 train at 77th street, because of the fatiguing wait for a transfer at 59th street, because of the idling trains waiting for their fellows up ahead to get moving(we are delayed because of train traffic ahead of us, please be patient), because of all this I can leave my girlfriend's geographically, physically and for all purposes closer apartment at the same time I would leave my apartment that is not only further away but across a goddamn river, and still arrive at the gym at the same time regardless.

Not to mention being stuck, impatient and cranky, can make a man consider heaping horrible violence upon his fellow passengers. Especially those who don't pay attention and stand at the bottom of steps, those who plant themselves just one step into a newly arriving train(forcing the rest us to go around the prick to fit into the car), and those who think their newspaper is so fan-fucking-tastically fascinating they just can't put it away and let more people squeeze in and get to work on time. Fuck.


The gym was fine, waking was fine.

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