Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day Sixteen - Whoops

I got up, brushed my teeth, grabbed my lunch, my bag, and I was out the door. No major train problems(for once), so I rolled into the gym on time. Scan my gym card, up the stairs, set my backpack down, open the locker, get my stuff out and...I forgot to pack gym shorts.

Actually, checking my bag earlier that morning I mistook a blue shirt for my blue shorts. Blue is blue is blue, especially when you are in a hurry. I bought shorts from the gym, because after finally having a(relatively) pain-free path to the gym in the morning, I was sure as shitgonna work out.

Once I finally got on the treadmill, workout was fine. I still need to add some new cardio songs, though. I used to use Nike+ to track my runs, but the sensor died and I never bothered to replace it. Maybe tracking runs again would motivate me to do a little more cardio. Lord knows, with summer coming, running more won't hurt.

1Shit being very high on a scale of sureness, obviously.

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