Thursday, March 18, 2010

Days Twenty-Two and Twenty-Three - Same Old Same Old

Having a lot to do at work is making it harder to update everyday, but(as you can see on my Facebook wall), I've made it to the gym every morning this week so far. Tomorrow, and I'm five for five.

Since I'm switching to a new lifting program next week, I've been resting and doing mostly cardio. Which, after four days, is getting boring. Next Monday(and doing something other than getting on the treadmill, stretching, and ab work) can't come soon enough.


Seeing that I get to the gym around nine in the morning, a friend sent me a Facebook message asking if I worked from home, or if my office didn't care when I got into work as long as my work got done. Neither is the case.

I have the luxury, however, of working at an ad agency, and our standard start time is around 10am. Plus, my gym is about two blocks from the office. So, as long as I'm at the gym before 9:15 for a short workout or 8:45 for a long workout, I won't be late for work. In fact, I might be "early".

It does make this morning-gym thing a lot easier, I'll admit.

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