Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day Thirteen - Crazy

I had pool last night, so I was out late; my match start time was nine. I finished fast(7-3 victory!), but stuck around for a few beers with my teammates. The plan was to go to my girlfriend's place afterwards. It was a good plan, except that I left my gym bag at my apartment when I left for the pool hall.

I didn't want to go back to Brooklyn, then come back all the way into the city. So, I convinced myself - after a couple1 beers - that I would go over to my girlfriend's place as planned, and get up earlier than usual the next morning so I could trek back to my apartment, get my stuff, and from there get to the gym. All before work.

Yeah, that didn't happen. I got up at seven-thirty, not seven. My original plan had no chance in hell of working(it was a precarious idea even I had gotten up at seven). So, walking to the six train(the dreaded, dreaded six train...) I decided I would just go to work, getting there really early, and I would count this as kind of a half-day; half-doing what I was supposed to do. Not a total failure. 

Then I remembered my running shoes are almost five years old. I've been meaning to get new ones.

So, at 8:15 in the morning, I was wandering the Modell's in Times Square - carrying my pool cue from the night before - shoe shopping. I got some mid-priced Nike running shoes, and some discounted gym wear(shirt, shorts, and socks). 

Now, I'm at my desk, a large plastic Modell's bag next to my desk. Inside it: my new, now sweaty gym clothes, and my old shoes(I'm wearing the running shoes, under the pretense of "breaking them in" but really because they are more comfortable then the shoes I was wearing).

Streak alive at lucky thirteen.

1The term "couple" can be explained by the following: 2 =< (true number of beers) < 10.

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