Friday, February 26, 2010

Day Nine - Snow

I missed yesterday, so I was determined to get back on track today. I got to bed earlier than I have been, had the Sleep Cycle App running, gym stuff was packed - I was ready for the morning. For some reason I wake up at six-thirty again, an hour before my wake-up time. I get back to sleep, but of course a deep sleep, so when I do get up at 7:30, I'm groggy. You can see the graphical evidence here:

A nice, light sleep cycle right before seven(when I wake up by myself, I assume), then way in deep sleep when the alarm goes off. So, while the app isn't working, it's not at fault. My natural tendency(of late) to wake up at six-thirty in the goddamn morning is. 

After two weeks, my desire to become an early riser has led to mixed results. Eight out of nine days isn't bad, but my goal was twenty days straight(weekdays). That one day missed was a result of my inability to change my night-time lifestyle to match my newly desired morning lifestyle. 

So, for the next eleven days, I'm going to go to bed earlier on weekdays. I love the results of getting up early: the gym is out of the way, more productive at work, a free lunch hour, more time after work, falling asleep right away...

I just have to get the bed time part sorted out.

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