Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day Six - More Rain

Well it's back to gloomy weather. It's wet, cold and gray outside. My morning run went fine, though I can tell I've been neglecting my cardio. I do interval training on the treadmill, running for two minutes then sprinting for one, and I've had to reduce my sprinting speed a bit.

The sleep cycle app worked great last night. Set up was easy: I just put it on the corner of my bed, under the sheet. After testing it to make sure it could tell when I was moving, I set the alarm, and fell asleep. It woke up me up 13 minutes before my alarm time(it will wake you up during your lightest sleep phase during a half-hour window before your alarm time), and I was more refreshed than I have been just waking up at the same time every weekday. The app also keeps stats and graphs, which I'll be sure to share at the end of this experiment.

That said, I wasn't exactly bright-eyed and ready to go. I keep staying up late, even though I'm tired. Whether from being out or just chilling at home, I can't remember the last time I fell asleep before one in the morning. Granted, because of this new wake up time I'm falling asleep much, much faster. I'd say within five minutes of turning off the light, I'm out like one.

Taking advantage of doing my workout in the morning, today I'm going to have lunch with my girlfriend - something I couldn't do when I was waking up late and going to the gym during my lunch hour. Yesterday I read and wrote some during my lunch hour. Plus, I'm getting more done during the day at work(I think, I never really measure my productivity level at the office but I feel more efficient).

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