Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day Three - Delays, Snacking

This was the hardest morning so far. Pool started at 8:30, and afterwards I stayed for a beer(or three). So I didn't get home until a little after one. I was asleep almost instantly, though, which is a lot better than when I'd be restless until about the same time and sleep until 9 or 9:30. This was good, deep sleep.

Had a couple of delays on the way to the gym: my roommate was unusually up at the same time I was(important morning presentation), and then there was half a fight at the Union Square subway stop. It's always very crowded, and one gentleman was trying to squeeze down the stairs to catch a train while another gentleman was forcing himself upstream along with 90% of the people on the platform. They must have bumped, or stepped on one another's shoes, because all of a sudden they were shoving and grabbing the other's face, as an old-school people-circle formed around them.

The downstairs gentleman then started shouting up the stairwell for...well I have no idea. It was a crazy yell - it could have been for a cop, it could have been for his own personal God. A brave woman tried to separate the two, but after the upstream(and possible saner) gentleman heard the yell, he backed off. Evil eyes ensued, the circle collapsed, and everyone went on their way.

Crazy Yell missed his train.


I read somewhere(probably Men's Health) that chocolate milk is a great post-workout drink, so I'm having a grande1 mocha. I'd be having one, eventually, anyway but now I feel like it's serving a purpose other than wiring me right for a functioning morning. It's not all milk, but it's at least one-half and hopefully two-thirds.

Snacking during the day can be a problem. We have a great vending machine here, and the last month it's addicted me to Strawberry Frosted Pop-Tarts. I'd feel bad about this, but the packaging clearly states it has seven vital vitamins and minerals(and frosting!).

So, I bought some trail-mix that mainly consists of dried cranberries and almonds, and I've been snacking on that. I like it, but I know I'll get bored soon. I have to come up with some new, interesting snacks; snacks that take away from the allure of the vending machine. Snacks always seem better when they fall though2.

1I'm addicted to Starbucks.
2Apologies to the late, great Mitch Hedberg.


  1. I don’t think “gentleman” is the right word for those guys. Maybe “Crazy dick”. And your problem is you need to switch from Strawberry Pop-Tarts to S’mores, duhhh.

    I usually buy snacks when I go grocery shopping cause I hate when I find myself in front of the vending machine .Lost, confused and wondering how I’ve gotten there with my hand holding a dollar and already inserting it before entering the right code for a tasty fatty sugary sweet.

    So some snack ideas:

    -Unsweetened apple sauce
    -Oatmeal (flavored or I like it plain mixed w/either brown sugar or frozen fruit I defrosted in the microwave)
    -Pitted Dates
    -Prunes (really they’re not bad)
    -Yogurt..what I do is I buy the Fat Free Plain and I buy Frozen Blueberries. Then I put them in containers, take ‘em to work, and make my own fruit yogurt which is great and way better for you.
    -Apples, (they sell packaged apple slices at the supermarket) or a bunch of green grapes
    -Half a PB and banana or plain PB or PB and Jam sandwich on whole wheat bread…the type that has about 20%fiber
    -Baby carrots (you can also get those celery/baby carrot packs w/dips)
    -a Knish w/mustard (I sometimes buy a 6pack of ‘em and eat them occasionally, they have a lot of fiber and are really filling)
    -Canned Pumpkin-if I’m home I just put some in a bowl and zap it, if I want to bring it to work I’ll put it in a small Tupperware and zap it there, you get about 20% of your daily fiber for 35 calories
    -1/2 can of low sodium split pea or black bean soup (tons of protein and fiber)
    -Fiber One bars…they’re full of chemicals and what not, but sometimes when I have a chocolate fix I opt for that over the Twix in the vending machine
    -Sun Chips..I just love ‘em
    -Ice Cream Cake…you never said they had to be tasty

  2. I love these snack ideas, especially the ice cream cake one.