Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day One

What a cold, wet, gray day to start my new morning gym habit. Wet, slippery sidewalks, cold winds, and sour faces. Still, one down, 19 to go. March 15th isn't that far away.

I woke up at 7:30 easier than I expected - a wake-up call from my girlfriend certainly helped. I brushed my teeth, grabbed my bag, and was out the door before I could think about it. Into the cold and the flurries, under-dressed in a hoodie1 and my fall jacket. See, I never check the weather before I leave my apartment - I just put on whatever I was wearing the day before. It has to be really, really cold to force me back up the three flights of stairs to my apartment to change, and this morning it wasn't that cold. A little uncomfortable, but I'd make it. Besides, I was motivated.

The gym is emptier in the morning;not a graveyard by any stretch but it was much easier to get the stations I wanted. At lunch, the squat rack and the benches are very crowded. The same trainers are there, working with different clients; the girl at the front desk is still the same, though perkier then she is at one-thirty;everything is slightly different, but mostly the same.

Thursday morning is going to be the real challenge, because Wednesday nights I have a pool league. Match time is 8:30 this week, and I usually stay for a beer or two afterwards.

Can't really worry about that yet, though, still have Wednesday morning.

1My spellchecker refuses to recognize the right of the hoodie to exist, insisting I replace it with "hoodoo": 1) a body of practices of sympathetic magic traditional especially among blacks in the southern United States, 2) a natural column of rock in western North America often in fantastic form, 3) something that brings bad luck.

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