Monday, February 15, 2010

Kris in Beta

I'd love to be a superman, a man who gets up at five in the morning, trains for a marathon, hits the gym to lift(bench pressing twice his body weight, naturally), showers, fixes his own breakfast(eggs and turkey bacon, manly yet sensible), strides into the office impeccably(but not overly) dressed, inspires co-workers and impresses the boss, spends his weekday evenings playing basketball or pool or writing and reading in his favorite cafe, eats a sensible dinner(that, most nights, he fixes himself) before throwing back a few drinks with his friends, walks into his clean, organized, warmly-decorated apartment at the end of the night to fall asleep(nevermind the weekend, when the superman really cuts loose and plays with his band, runs in the park, reads to children, puts the finishing touches on his watercolor before having a few glasses of wine with his lovely girlfriend). He plays an instrument, is well-read, speaks another language, knows a martial art, writes short stories; all a product of his willingness to try new things. A never-ending life of awesomeness, self-assuredness and a small dose of cocky bad-assery.

I can't do that, but I can try for a slice. I can try new things. With this in mind, there are several things I'd like to change, add/subtract and otherwise shift around in my life. I'll use this blog to journal my endeavors, successful or not(hopefully successful).

I'll be trying to make new habits, learn new skills, and challenge myself - improve on the Beta version of myself and become "Kris 2.0". Hopefully, it won't be as stupid as it sounds.


  1. i think this is an awesome way to track your habits and exactly what kind of person you are. conveniently, it starts near the beginning of the new year.

    i've read some of the essays your mom has saved by scott and mike. you guys are great writers.

  2. Brandi: Thanks :) I didn't know she saved any of mine, I'll have to look at them this weekend.