Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Proper Dinner

I had a late dinner tonight, but I still cooked it. Steak and broccoli. Simple, plain, and after a spin class and a late trip home, delicious.

The steak had been marinating since the night before, so it was quite flavorful. I tossed the broccoli with a touch of olive oil and parmesan cheese; mixing a little sin with virtue, to make the virtue go down easier.

All in all, a good meal, and I still haven’t eat out. For lunch today I had PB&J, cheese and crackers, and some pretzels. If I keep doing that, though, I know I’ll get bored(especially since I’m using grape jelly - my preferred strawberry was absent from the grocery shelves).

So tomorrow I’ll have leftover steak and broccoli. The steak is in tupperware, mixed with a little A1, and should still taste pretty good coming out of a microwave.

Tomorrow night will be interesting, because I’ll be going to my girlfriend’s place after my pool match. I guess I’ll either fix something there, or just have cereal or something.

Thursday, though, I have barbecued chicken, rice&beans and some okra waiting for me.

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  1. You should get some homemade jam from the farmer's market or the bedford cheese shop...it would be a wise investment!